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About Us

Spices 4 Africa started out as a retail store in Kempton Park, Johannesburg in 2008. It has now blossomed into a development hub for the blending and formulation of a range of spice products. It specialises in a range of Quick, Easy & Convenient spice products that are really fun and easy to use. This is available in a range of Wet Mix as well as Dry Spice products. The key element around this range is on Healthy Eating and maintaining a level of consistency. Not only is this essential for home cooking but it works exceptionally well in the hospitality industry.

As a Proudly South African business and Halaal Accredited Supplier of quality spices, Spices 4 Africa manufactures its own range of products that can be found on the shelves of many Retail outlets. For your safety and convenience we've made it possible for you to order any of our spice products, health products and amazing gift packages for both corporate and individuals from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. We will deliver to your door! We also supply into the restaurant and hospitality industry in larger quantities and can arrange delivery for your convenience.

Due to management's extensive product knowledge and hands-on approach, our knowledge and experience places us in a perfect position to realise the importance of meeting the needs of our customer and this allows us to cater for the retail as well hospitality markets while guaranteeing that our product meets high quality standards.

We've also realised a growing trend in living and eating healthy over the years and to promote healthy living we are proud to introduce to you Spices 4 Africa's health division known as Divine Health. Here you will be able to get access to a range of health spice capsules, healthy spice powders, seeds, herbs and even a range of Vegan products. Most of our products are Vegan friendly, Gluten Free, MSG Free and Preservative Free. We intend growing this line of products to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Spices 4 Africa is a Proudly South African business and is proud to promote its products as locally manufactured. It is also a Level 1 B-BBEE Accredited Supplier with 100% Female Ownership. The size of our business allows us to be flexible and cater for many ad hoc or even unusual requests from our many customers. We often collaborate with Sous Chefs from some of the country's most renowned establishments to formulate spice blends specifically according to their individual needs. We maintain confidentiality to protect the intellectual property of our customer.

Spices 4 Africa also has a Retail Store that is attached to the factory where you will find our complete product range as well as products that are not suitable for delivery e.g. frozen items including Samoosas, Soya Products, Chilli Pickles & Dipping Sauces.

In an effort to grow our own economy we encourage you to Support Local and Buy Local. Find out more about how you can start your own small business from home with our Business in a Box.


To be a supplier of Quick, Easy & Convenient cooking products to every household in South Africa and in doing so, making cooking easier and fun. We'd also like to be a preferred supplier of spices and related products to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industry. In doing all of this we maintain HEALTHY LIVING and HEALTHY EATING at the forefront.


We understand that time is a commodity that is priceless and family is precious so we've formulated products that can be used with ease and confidence to prepare multiple dishes in the shortest time possible that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. We've kept the recipes simple to take the hassle out of cooking. We also realise the importance of getting a quality product to the end-user on demand while maintaining high levels of customer service.


Quick : Meals can literally be prepared in minutes reducing electricity usage, thus saving you money and increases the amount of quality time with family and friends.

Easy : Recipes have been kept simple, making the cooking process easy. The Wet Mix products have all spice ingredients already included, just add salt! Our range of both, Wet and Dry spice products are incredibly easy to use.

Convenient : Multiple dishes can be prepared using the same bottled Wet Mix product. The Dry Spice products in a foil pack have just the right quantity of spice needed to prepare a complete meal. Full recipes are included for your convenience.


As a Proudly South African business, Spices 4 Africa's reputation is based on the fundamental belief that in order to succeed we need to maintain integrity, uphold our values and maintain a strong business ethos. We realise that it is only through hard work, perseverance, dedication and a strong ethos on customer service that our business will thrive in an environment that is usually dominated by larger conglomerates. It is imperative that we continue to remain innovative and provide products that consistently meet our customer's expectations.

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FREE Delivery Nationwide when you purchase for more than R750!!! Receive your order within 2 - 3 working days!